They are a bunch of chattering girls and boys of different age groups with a determined smile who will mesmerize us with their confidence. Their energy and eagerness to talk is infectious. Divya Disha believes that every child is different in his/her own ways, and should get a chance to peruse it.

With the rising pass percentage of the students from 62%-71%, Children have tremendously exceeded in their SSC board exams. Psychologists have conducted sessions in government schools helping the children to get over the exam stress. The stress of the examination was deliberately eased out from the children by motivation sessions and teaching the children to study for their examination without anxiety in the last minute. Sessions taken by psychologist with 9th and 10th class children in 11 selected Govt. schools covering of 525 children in this 189 boys and 336 girls for how to prepare exams, the topics are on memory problems, not able to concentrate on studies, phobia of exams, lack of time managements, emotional problems, writing problems and personal problems and psychological problems

Conduction the psychologist sessions in eleven government schools, the removal of exam phobia has recorded an increase in pass percentage by 9%.It is a great achievement by the children, and we at Divya Disha are really proud and happy for them. We congratulate them and look forward to see them in higher positions.



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